Open source web-based bitcoin wallet

Yesterday I released flaskwallet. It is the wallet I use every day to manage my various bitcoin and altcoin nodes. Flaskwallet was designed as a single-user system, no user management exists or is planned at the moment.

Flaskwallet was written with the flask web framework. The code isn't as polished as I would have liked, but I had almost no time to work on it in a few weeks and decided it was good enough to release.

See the documentation for more details and install instructions.


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    Very nice Nicolas.. Its working OK here, a few bugs and many more alts to attempt to integrate.. I look forward to seeing what I can fix.. though my py and flask leaves much to be desired ..that being said.. it works[tm] and for simply that alone its going to save many cpu cycles on my poor laptop! -d
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    Thanks! I need to work on bitcoin-python again for some features to work nicely. I also use my wallet to manage all my coins.


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