My plugins featured in Web Designer Magazine

In issue 164 of Web Designer Magazine by Imagine publishing there is a feature article on WordPress plug-ins: Electrify Your Blog: The Top 20 WordPress Plug-ins for the Next-gen Blogger. I'm very happy to see that they listed two of my plugins in it.

The first plugin mentioned is my Better Tag Cloud, and the article emphasizes it's ease of use: To get creative with tag clouds the intervention of a plug-in is required and Better Tag Cloud provides some simple but undoubtedly effective solutions. [...] The settings page is simple and intuitive, users get to choose a title, decide on the smallest and largest font size, determine the number of displayed tags and how they should be ordered. Here is a demo:

The second plugin the magazine features is my Theme Switch plugin: Modifying a current theme to suit can be a stressful and painful experience. However, this plug-in allows users to preview a theme without the hassle of having to activate a theme and then preview in a different tab or window. They focus on the plugin's usage for theme development, although it can do much more than that, like displaying a switch cloud.

Thanks to Kerry Webster for bringing this article to my attention. You can download a PDF version at his site.

About Imagine publishing:

Imagine publishing is one of the UK's fastest-growing consumer specialist magazine publishers, with over 20 print magazines and 20 websites published worldwide within the entertainment, computing, digital photography and videogames market sectors.


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    Congratulations!!! :-) R

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    You deserve to get that appreciation, your plugins are awesome. I love your snow plugin haha :D

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    Hello Nicolas, just had to stop by your blog and leave you a comment. I had over 58K pending comments (almost 3,000 pages), and loosing more ground daily - ARRRGGGG, SPAMMERS!!!

    Then I found your delete all pending comment plugin & now my problem is gone (sorta, still getting lots of spam comments daily, but at least I have a way to deal with them thanks to you & your plugin)

    Again, Thanks
    Russell Morris

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    Hi Russell, you should check out the various anti-spam plugin wordpress has. Akismet is a good start.

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    hi..can you help me on this?, how the comment published with photo without my photo on this comment form? Thanks in advance
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    Hm? What do you mean?


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