This is my online playground where I publish small toys I build to learn about various technologies, or just for fun. I keep most of my experiments private, but some are good enough to publish them.


Experiments with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Best of SEO

This is a place where I collect various SEO-related information: Best of SEO.


This is a rhyme search engine. I wrote custom storage and retrieval methods to keep it fast. I also developed a German phonetic rhyme search based on scientific papers.

Find flickr page for image

With this small web-based application you can find the original flickr page if you only have an image link.
The application uses Ajax on all JavaScript-enabled browsers and degrades gracefully on others. As an exercise I also made the Ajax content crawlable and enabled Ajax history and deep links with the help of the jQuery hashchange plugin. Nowadays I would use pushState().

Inactive applications

Screenshot/PDF for any website

This is an app I built with PhantomJS that generates screenshots from any URL you feed it: Website to PDF/Screenshot.


A simple minesweeper game using node.js and socket.io. The game logic runs on the server, the browser only displays the data it gets from the server.