Best of ##seo

I use this part of my site to keep track of some of the more interesting, bizarre, comical or absurd SEO questions and answers I come across.

Keywords in image alt text

are you supposed to use keywords in image alt text? does it hurt your google ranking? how many keyword refereneces ...

Google cant penalize!1

fucking google site is down for couple of hours lost 50% of traffic sit eis down after 2 weeks for ...

Facebook likes

I want to change my permalink structure, but I will lose my facebook like count. Any way to keep them?

Drupal SEO

I'm concerned that converting to a Drupal will cause a neg result in SEO... any thoughts?

Adult SEO

Hi guys, is SEO any different at all when doing it for an adult type website. I dont mean porn ...

Is SEO a scam?

Why would SEO be a scam?

Which keywords?

how do i figure out which keywords i should be using? i have several hundred listed


do you use wordpress? search engines favor wordpress for some reason wordpress is very dynamic, even fbi and government sites ...

image bonus?

why does google reward images on webpages

Ordering query vars

I assume google would treat '?cow=chicken&duck=moose' the same as '?duck=moose&cow=chicken' ? sometimes arguments get applied in a different order is ...