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I use this part of my site to keep track of some of the more interesting, bizarre, comical or absurd SEO questions and answers I come across.

Google spam


What's up

Opengraph images


Does any1 know if opengraph needs a separate image for every page?

are you supposed to use keywords in image alt text? does it hurt your google ranking? how many keyword refereneces …

fucking google site is down for couple of hours lost 50% of traffic sit eis down after 2 weeks for …

Facebook likes


I want to change my permalink structure, but I will lose my facebook like count. Any way to keep them?

Drupal SEO


I'm concerned that converting to a Drupal will cause a neg result in SEO... any thoughts?

Adult SEO


Hi guys, is SEO any different at all when doing it for an adult type website. I dont mean porn …

Is SEO a scam?


Why would SEO be a scam?

Which keywords?


how do i figure out which keywords i should be using? i have several hundred listed



do you use wordpress? search engines favor wordpress for some reason wordpress is very dynamic, even fbi and government sites …

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