Television Invidious is an open source, privacy respecting frontend for youtube. Youtube fights it and and so it breaks occasionally, and the instances are mostly run by enthusiasts, so you can't rely on them to keep your subscriptions and view history forever. I back up my data by creating accounts on … more

Surveillance Sometimes I connect to a customer's VPN for work, but I don't want all DNS traffic to go to the customer's nameserver. So I installed and configured dnsmasq to prevent this. I run my own nameserver on my network and connect to it by default so that I can resolve … more

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof I had problems again connecting to the wireless network on a German ICE. more

Magnifying glass I wanted to generate word statistics for a big amount of files, so I wrote this script. What it does is to remove special characters from filenames, and to split the filename into words. The extension is thrown away. more

Secure shell Sometimes mosh fails to connect even though UDP traffic was verified to pass. "mosh did not make a successful connection to..." etc. more

dead factory With the recent announcement that HashiCorp switched to the so-called Business Source License I wanted to write my thoughts on it. more

00008-2267842057 Today I heard the sad news that Bram Moolenaar has passed away. more

Supernova Lately I've been getting lots of errors similar to pkg_resources.extern.packaging.version.InvalidVersion: Invalid version. Here's how I fixed them. more

Architecture The split (1) tool is quite useful, but it doesn't recognize quoted fields. This is my solution to this problem. more

Debian On Debian-based systems /lib/modules tends to fill up with obsolete files. The reason is that kernel packages have to be purged to remove those files, and that doesn't happen while normal upgrade/remove operations. This script is my solution to this problem. Deletion is disabled by default, verify the output of … more

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