Bitcoin Testnet Faucet

Please make only one request. Read about why testnet coins will never be valuable. When you don't need the coins any more, please send them back.

Coins are sent out manually, so it might take a little time. Feel free to ping me in IRC (nkuttler in #bitcoin on freenode).

There are currently 28025.0 coins in the faucet and 0 transactions queued. So far 23624 coins have been sent to 6511 recipients.

If you are a developer you might also be interested in the -regtest option or in running a private bitcoin testnet that's easy to mine, see bitcoin-testnet-box.

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Joinmarket Transactions

Faucet requests are sent through joinmarket when possible, here's a list of the latest that went through.

  1. b6fd86ac6ced3a6b95013138cce2ed6fef0d8ef1ad2b0e96298f32fb372d2e22
  2. 42fe90e47ec127d44597be6f5448751fc2e316984cc2735481c8dfb8601909df
  3. cc7eee1ba143b84ee383162ee3cf4f95b931a92367bac56e58e0613e47a7f367
  4. 87d0c70639d16cd71fe05e1a2a3dd34276a8b97998938b5d57fbc417e3493b78
  5. 1130386cb7196dcced00a73aa6659aed23656237293b7fe4b009e0c34a19ea7f
  6. d502ff5bb4ceab3dbca36c58f103173973412d7f3cb7b0ce4cce0b9db0e59537
  7. 7f3d69b80899d0decd8d6e8a7895841d15ec474cde27d5c1baa6e2d511b4286c
  8. 9461d6084c9e5aa0f627273e4615e38c661999c985ddc1ed9ee8c88c9ddf25f8
  9. c302ebf65e709430641fea629ff710acb100df2e708ce3d1fdd84b2a1143559e
  10. 1135c23ffee1dcffbe1a5fd0608a055537d7efb333cbd9bd83b3873814784ef3


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Bitcoin testnet

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