Litecoin Testnet Faucet

About this faucet

This Litecoin testnet faucet had been working from 2013 to 2016, then it was turned off due to a lack of funding. Mid 2019 I noticed that people had sent thousands of coins to the "replenish" address below and could re-enable it. Thanks to all donators!
So far 10815 coins have been sent to 2175 recipients.

Here's a list of the last transactions that went through:

  1. 844d28a5be19e00e93eb690e019a10d35927cf84d8fb5e8a99d099662b226404
  2. d38e952131491fc3556e63a110c0cf7aec1fd03d68ad58d0b4015d4f957d183d
  3. adc6406435efdd8f76290af05fbae2f4f8459faf2554ab5e222e2226e38f86cd

Use the Faucet

If you are a developer check out the -regtest option.

Please make only one request. Read about why testnet coins will never be valuable. When you don't need the coins any more, please send them back.

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Litecoin testnet

Replenish the faucet:
qr code testnet donations

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