Litecoin Testnet Faucet

Using the Faucet

This faucet is empty.

If you are a developer check out the -regtest option.

About this faucet

This Litecoin testnet faucet had been working from 2013 to 2016, then it was turned off due to a lack of funding. Mid 2019 I noticed that people had sent thousands of coins to the "replenish" address below and could re-enable it.
In 2023 it was empty again.
Thanks to all donators!

So far 56607 coins have been sent to 4748 recipients.

Read about why testnet coins will never be valuable. When you don't need the coins any more, please send them back.

Here's a list of the last transactions that went through:

  1. 686c961cca64edde0583944b88fc872b16e67e3f9da80824c30c4e432eaad1ec
  2. 9bb34f07ebe32c48947f12de1fff3600eb094bdd6b9717766e14b4aee8bceb21
  3. fc466589e70e1267a8d656fc2b774bedff8ac68eb6daf3f46b148a0c3f13cb48


Litecoin testnet

Replenish the faucet:
qr code bitcoin donations

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