Increase PageRank

How to increase pagerank 4 to 5? How long?

Don't obsess about PR


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    It's easy dude. The more sites that backlink to you that have a higher PageRank, will give you a higher PR.
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    Yeah dude. At least that's what they TELL you :-D
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    Few things... - Backlinks only help if they are from legitimate sites and are not all hosted on the same server (your 100 sites linking to each - As search engines get more and more social, this will become (if not already) more powerful then how you get ranked. Lots of my search results are already personalized from people in my social network. - These rules always seem to change. The best thing to do is not try to beat the system... they will eventually figure you out ;) Provide good, unique content and you will move on up.
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    Valid points. Exactly, stop trying to game the system, create good content.
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    I have found an interesting tool to check PR, backlinks etc,


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