Django Webmaster Verification

Today I have released version 0.2.1 of django-webmaster-verification. I never took the time to write a post about it, so here you go.

The Django application helps to quickly register with various webmaster tools like:

These tools can help you to monitor your site's performance in search engines which can be quite useful. Django-webmaster-verification is a very simple app that I wrote to avoid repeating setting up the Google tools on each site I manage. It grew a little from there, and today I added support for the Alexa tools.

I'm not a big fan of Alexa and I don't think their metrics are very useful. All the people I know who use it are into something like internet marketing, SEO, etc. Nothing against that, but it makes me think that the Alexa data does not represent an average sample of the web population. Anyway, somebody requested it, more power to him!

So if you're a Django developer and at least a little interested in SEO give it a try.



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