Wagtail modeladmin and a dynamic panels list

Wagtail has the modeladmin module in contrib which allows you to edit any Django model through the Wagtail admin interface. Unfortunately it's not very flexible, the code calls the get_edit_handler method on the admin class and the panels property of the model can only be a list.

In one project I have a base model that many other models are derived from and wanted to build the panels dynamically. The code below shows how I did it.

I chose to break the Wagtail convention and defined the admin fields on the admin class, but I get the additional fields from the model itself. It's somewhat messy, but it's my mess.

from wagtail.admin.edit_handlers import FieldPanel                                             
from wagtail.admin.edit_handlers import MultiFieldPanel     
from wagtail.admin.edit_handlers import ObjectList
from wagtail.contrib.modeladmin.options import ModelAdmin

class DynamicPanelMixin:                                                                    
      def get_edit_handler(self, instance, request):                                             
          return ObjectList(self._get_panels(instance))

      def _get_panels(self, instance):                                                           
          return [                                                                               
                  classname="collapsible collapsed",                                             
      def _get_head_panels(self, instance):                                                      
          panels = [                                                                             
          return panels + getattr(instance, "head_panels", [])                                   
      def _get_multi_panels(self, instance):                                                     
          panels = [                                                                             
          return panels + getattr(instance, "multi_panels", [])

# class MyModelAdmin(DynamicPanelMixin, ModelAdmin):
#     pass



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