Visitor Movies for WordPress

Did you ever want to know what exactly your visitors are doing on your site? Watch them!

A client of mine wanted a plugin to log what users type into forms. I kind of didn't see the point at first. But a few days later I was a little annoyed that there was apparently no free alternative to websites like clixpy, clicktale and similar services.

It occured to me that recording movies of visits isn't really hard to do. And so i started a new plugin, loosely based on the unpublished form input tracking plugin.

I am very pleased with the results so far. Of course it's no match for the professional services mentioned above. But it is good enough to gain a few insights into what can be improved on your website.

The recording script is pretty lightweight but has a rather hefty dependeny: jQuery. It also loads json2.js. I'm sure the logging could be rewritten without the jQuery dependency but that really wasn't a priority for the first public release.

This plugin probably needs WordPress 2.8 and PHP 5. I didn't bother to test older versions and won't support them in the future.

Here is a sample movie of what a recorded session can look like. As you can see mouse movements, clicks, form input, select boxes, checkboxes and radio buttons are recorded.


Important: For the playback you should always use the same browser as the visitor. If you don't, the mouse position will probably be very wrong. The plugin also doesn't save a page's state at the time of recording. This means if comments are added or the content changes, you will see the old movements on a new website.

Downloads at

WordPress plugin demos are disabled as I don't use WordPress on this site any more.


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    wrote this comment on

    What a great plugin. I Can not use it for few websites because I also use jquery for other tasks.

    I do marketing for people so this new tool is great to understand behavior.

    Do you know what to do if the plugins conflict?

  2. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hi Anders,

    the plugin shouldn't really conflict with others. Maybe you use a plugin that doesn't use the wp_enqueue_script() function to load jQuery. Then jQuery could be loaded twice.

    You could install firebug and activate the script console. It will show an error message that you can paste here. A link to the site would also help.

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    wrote this comment on

    Hi I would like to ask if it and how to clear log.Sorry my englis
    Thank you

  4. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hm, no I didn't build log deletion into the plugin. You'll have to delete old logs with an ftp client.

  5. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    :-( I tried to delete the log. I used Total Commander and FireFTP (Mozilla) but reported to me Permission denied

  6. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Oh, right, an earlier version changed the permissions of the files, but I removed that feature. Your ftp client should allow you to change permissions on files (recursive 777 will do if you intend to delete them). I hope that helps.

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    wrote this comment on

    Hello There,
    I've installed the plugin and setted it to work on all pages. My site ( have more then 10k unique visitors a day and I couldn't see any log files stored on the folder. Is there any need to change permissions so files can actually store those informations?

  8. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hello Felippe,

    it looks to me like your theme is incomplete, please see (wp_footer). Or maybe you did only install the plugin but didn't enable it?

  9. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hi, can I use this fireworks on the ( or org only)> I downloaded the plug in, it's on my computer. How do I get it to my wordpress blog? BTW, you look like Andre Rieu in this little thumbnail photo.

  10. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hello Elizabeth, no, unfortunately you can't use the plugin on You'll need to have a self-hosted blog.

  11. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    ok, thanks

  12. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Is there any way this could be used on a simple php page, not a wordpress blog.

  13. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Absolutely, the code is modular and could run on a different website. It could use a different WordPress install to record the movies or a new server-side recording script could be implemented. Feel free to use the contact form on this site for professional support.

  14. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    I tried putting the folder outside the web root but it won't let me save the new location, it seems to insist that it be in httpdocs

  15. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    I'm so excited to find this plugin! Its exactly what I have been looking for, for ages.
    I have installed it, however I can't see any recorded videos either in Wordpress or in my FTP.
    Any ideas?
    From what I can tell the footer is being called, I have 100% as my % and I have accessed the website from a couple of computers to test, but still can't see anything...
    Thanks again!

  16. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hm, the webserver needs permissions to write to that directory. You should probably check your error log.

  17. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Is the JavaScript included on the frontend? Can you post a link to your site?

  18. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    It just keeps saying:

    "Settings saved."

    "/var/www/vhosts/ does not exist or the plugin can't write to it. Please create it or make sure the webserver can write to it. "

    But the location I specify is /var/www/vhosts/

    I tried lots of different User:Group settings, psaserv, pasacln, root, and of course it's 777 permissions, but it just seems to keep insisting that it has to be /var/www/vhosts/

  19. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Well as I said check the server's error.log. PHP seems to think it can't write to that location.

  20. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Sorry it is

  21. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    The JavaScript isn't loaded anywhere. Or maybe you just didn't enable it? Odd.

  22. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Question. Love the plug-in works perfect! I am trying to interpret the time stamp. For example one time stamp is 163200?

  23. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hi Jim, hm, I think the date on your server might not be configured properly?

  24. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hi Nicolas,

    I went to the wordpress general tab and all looks ok:
    Timezone (UTC-7) 23:42:28 Local time is 2010-10-25 16:42:28
    Date Format Date Format October 25, 2010
    Time Format Time Format 4:42 pm
    Week Starts On Monday

    What is the format of the time in the Time Column?


    Jim K.

  25. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    To be honest I can't recall. I think the dir structure is Ymd/His/sha1 of ip. What's the full path you get?

  26. avatar
    wrote this comment on


    I can't see video recorded.
    I only have single logg which inform me about the URL and referrer !
    How can I see the video ?

    Sorry for my poor english
    thanks in advance


  27. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    In fact the duration of my logs are 0 second
    is it normal ?
    Even if I'm browsing during 3 minutes on the website ?

  28. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Actually, I just had a look again. I think you're referring to the admin interface? 163200 -> 16:32:00, or 4:32 p.m.

  29. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Did you check the percentage setting, and is logging enabled for the page you're browsing? Do you maybe use https for the admin section? Maybe you could try and install firebug and have a look at the console if there are any errors.

  30. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    My website :

    Screen of configuration :

    No https :(

    percentage 100%

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance.

  31. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hm, the logging looks fine to me, although there are some javascript errors. You should try firebug during the playback.

  32. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    its a great plugin..........thanks

  33. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Terrific plugin... i am amazed by the amount of info. recorded...
    Very well done... 10/10 ..
    Looking forward to great updates on this ...

  34. avatar
    wrote this comment on


    I really love this plug-in thank you!

    However it does not seem to record the drop down menus? is there a way to record these also? thank you

  35. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Hi, hm, I guess it's possible that I didn't add drop-downs. Sure, it could be added. I'll make a note.. not sure when I'll get to work on it though.

  36. avatar
    wrote this comment on

    Thank you Nicolas, that would be great! All my product options are dropdowns so I can't actually see anything my customers are doing. But would love to make use of this plug, great plug! look forward to next update, thank you

  37. avatar
    wrote this comment on
    Any chance that an update could be done to include log deletions? Manual deletions work, but could be a bit tiresome.
  38. avatar
    wrote this comment on
    Hi Monty, sorry, I don't really plan to work on this plugin any more.
  39. avatar
    wrote this comment on
    OK,sorry to hear that; but it's a great plugin as it is. Thanks you.
  40. avatar
    wrote this comment on
    You're welcome :-)
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