Import WXR files from server or on plugin activation

I recently patched the WordPress reset plugin to make it possible to reactivate multiple plugins after the reset. Until sivel releases an update you can download the patched version from my server (Edit: ancient content removed).

As I frequently need to wipe WordPress installs during development I was looking for a way to auto-load some content. Hence this plugin.

Another feature is that you can import WXR files, the WordPress export/import format. You can use files you uploaded to your server. This can be quite useful if you hit an upload limit for example.

WordPress plugin demos are disabled as I don't use WordPress on this site any more.


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    tried activating WIE .3 on wordpress 3.1.3 today and got this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /home/content/k/w/e/kwest718/html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer-extended/wordpress-importer-extended.php on line 30 thought you should know.
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    Hm, do you use PHP4? This plugin is PHP5 only, I'll add a note to the readme.txt
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    Hi Nicolas, getting this error message when trying your plugin with WO 3.13 and php5: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /mnt/web2/13/67/5207267/htdocs/WordPress_01/wp-config.php:87) in /mnt/web2/13/67/5207267/htdocs/WordPress_01/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 897 Hope this helps. Markus
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    Your problem is on line 87 of the file /mnt/web2/13/67/5207267/htdocs/WordPress_01/wp-config.php , not with my plugin.
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    I'm using WordPress 3.3.1, after click Import nothing happened, not even an error.
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    Interesting. Didn't have any time yet to test the plugin on 3.3.
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    Same here. On 3.3 click import, page reloads, no error, no data imported.
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    Just to make sure, you checked the instructions in the readme.txt? It's been a while I used the plugin, I don't think it does anything useful out of the box without configuration.
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    Hi Nicolas, ive tried the plugin on the latest wp update and doesnt seem to be working wither, click go and it starts to load then just does nothing??
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    Sorry, no idea, haven't done any testing with new WP versions recently.
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    same issue here. hit import and nothing. no time to debug the code tonight.
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    Well like I said just clicking import won't do anything out of the box.
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    It doesn't do anything after hitting the import button. Looks like you abandoned the plugin?
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    My guess is that 99% of the "I clicked and nothing happened" people didn't see the bit in the ReadMe.txt file that tells you to put the following two lines into wp-congfig.php: define('WP_LOAD_IMPORTERS', true); define('WORDPRESS_IMPORTER_EXTENDED_FETCH_ATTACHMENTS', true);
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    Well I stopped using wordpress for my own projects. I still provide services to clients though.
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    Yeah... maybe I should add some message to the admin page when those aren't set...
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