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I've dabbled in SEO and like the idea behind semantic markup.

Which keywords?


how do i figure out which keywords i should be using? i have several hundred listed



do you use wordpress? search engines favor wordpress for some reason wordpress is very dynamic, even fbi and government sites …

image bonus?


why does google reward images on webpages

Ordering query vars


I assume google would treat '?cow=chicken&duck=moose' the same as '?duck=moose&cow=chicken' ? sometimes arguments get applied in a different order is …

Increase PageRank


How to increase pagerank 4 to 5? How long?

Keyword separator


Wondering something atm my titles looks like that name , name2 ,name3 | sitename. Is there a better way to …

Fuck man I got on spam reports

How to minify WordPress theme stylesheets properly


If you build WordPress theme you'll eventually come to the point where you want to minify the stylesheets. But the WordPress theming system has a fundamental flaw: It expects theme headers like name, version information etc. to be in the style.css. This is bad because removing the headers from the … more

Ajax For All WordPress Blogs


This is a new plugin of mine that will turn many existing WordPress blogs and their themes into Ajax-powered blogs. The best way to see what this plugin does is to look at the live demo. The theme on that site wasn't tweaked at all to make the Ajax functionality … more

Convert WordPress pages to posts


I like WordPress, but I don't like the WordPress page system at all. That's why I recently converted all my plugin pages to posts. My main reasons for doing so were: Pages can't be tagged Pages don't have categories Pages and posts don't mix too well in custom loops Pages … more

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