Samsung ML-1610 on Debian GNU/Linux

I bought this printer a long time ago and it was connected to my Mac until that box died. I tried to install it once but never tried again after I didn't get it to work in less than five minutes. Well, this time I did invest like ten minutes and it works just fine.

# apt-get install cups splix

Then go to the CUPS admin site at http://localhost:631/ and then Administration, Add new Printer, click through and select the splix driver for the ML-1610. That's all. :-)I think the first time I tried I just hadn't installed the splix driver... which is easy enough to find:

$ apt-cache search samsung driver


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    i am using the suselinux os,so how to install printer driver, model num ml-1866 which driver i will use this printer
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    I don't know suse or your printer model.


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