Better Lorem Ipsum Generator for WordPress

When you create WordPress plugins and themes it is often a good thing to test them on blogs with much data. Since 3.0 I use custom post types and custom taxonomies a lot and couldn't find a plugin that autogenerates them. Hence I wrote a new plugin. Features:

  • Automatically create posts, pages, and any custom post types
  • Automatically create comments for those
  • Automatically add terms from post tags, categories, or any other custom taxonomy to the created posts

Things the plugin can't do (yet?):

  • Create attachments
  • Add images or other content to new posts
  • Create post metadata like custom fields
  • Create comments in chronological order

Download it from

P.S. There also are theme unit tests for WordPress themes, but they serve a different purpose.

The plugin uses the fine PHP Lorem Ipsum Generator by Mathew Tinsley.

WordPress plugin demos are disabled as I don't use WordPress on this site any more.


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    wrote this comment on

    Good plugin but it has some issues.

    For example, the first letter of new sentences isn't capitalised, and it doesn't group sentences into paragraphs either.

    Small things, but they have a dramatic impact on the quality of the 'faux posts' and how the page looks.

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    wrote this comment on

    Thanks for the feedback! There are many many more issues, and patches are always welcome :-)

    If you want real content you should rather use the theme unit tests, this plugin servers a slightly different purpose. But I will improve it in the future when I have some free time.

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    wrote this comment on

    Indeed, the issue is that sometimes a client provides material expecting the site to be finished but there is content for pages missing, and you need to demo those pages or functionality.

    e.g. a custom portfolio setup.

    The quality of the text produced is paramount, and while its only Lorem Ipsum, there are varying degrees of Lorem Ipsum that have a real impact on paying clients

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    wrote this comment on

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Anyway, there's a big "Hire me" to the right (well, maybe I should make it bigger). So if you have an emergency there are always options.

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    wrote this comment on

    Just explaining why the wordpress test stuff is insufficient, and why I might want a little more out of this.

    I've tested out a version that replaces the Lorem Ipsum generator class with something more flexible, fixed the sentences auto-capitalisation, added support for proper paragraphs, and one or two other little things.

    Sadly though Im not the one in charge of hiring and firing where I work =(

    Do you have a git repo I can fork?

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    wrote this comment on

    I have local git repos, but right now there's only the official WordPress SVN repo,

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