Move WordPress Comments

This plugin adds a small form to every comment on your blog. The form is only added for admins and allows you to move comments to a different page and to fix comment threading. This plugin is not designed for mass-moving of comments, rather for moving single comments from time to time. There are other plugins better suited for moving many comments at once.

The forms will be visible on every comment on your post/page, but not in the admin section. I found this more convenient than the existing solutions. There's also a widget included that allows you to turn the forms on and off in case you don't need them all the time.

Download it from it's page.

WordPress plugin demos are disabled as I don't use WordPress on this site any more.


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    Thanks for the useful move comment plugin!

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    I'm glad you like it!

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    I installed this plugin and activated it but I don't see the form on my comments. Please advise.

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    That's odd. Which WordPress version do you use and where's your blog? You are logged in as admin and are looking at a post page, not the comment section in the admin backend? What happens when you try a different theme?

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    I use WP 2.8.4. Yup, login as admin and looking at a post page not the admin section. I tested it on another blog using the default WP theme but it wasn't working either. Can I confirm that I'll only need to install and activate right?


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    I think I found the problem. If you use automatic plugin upgrades simply upgrading to 0.1.1 should fix the issue. If not, add the widget that comes with my plugin to your sidebar (it will only be visible to you) and enable the forms there. I'll have to add a settings page to the plugin too.
    This was a clear bug, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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    wrote this comment on

    I upgraded and yes the latest version has fixed the problem. It's working, I tested it by moving a children comment to a parent comment. :)

    Thank you!

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    wrote this comment on

    Is it possible to have an admin option to turn the form on or off? I don't use the widgets feature in WP so can you put the option to turn the form on and off somewhere in the admin as well?

    Thanks! :)

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    wrote this comment on

    Good idea. On my TODO.

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    How about Mu support? I run all my wordpress clients on a mu install, and I'd really like to add this plugin. This is a necessary piece of any comment software.. two thumbs up!

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    wrote this comment on

    Hi Erik, thanks! Mu support will be added as soon as I launch my first Mu site (might take a few weeks). Btw, did you try the plugin on Mu?

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    wrote this comment on

    Just to write that fixing comments threading works in 2.9 and probably moving of comments works too, so you should update working version in readme.txt.

    Some suggestions:

    you should internationalize plugin so that we can translate it to our languages
    I think that it will be better that descriptions of fields ("Post" and "Parent. This is #") are on left side of fields so that we avoid confusion
    you should add anchor at the end of URLs when form is submitted so that user comes back to comment he last edited and not to scroll all the way down (anchor is in form #comment-ID)

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    wrote this comment on

    Hi Milan, great suggestions, thanks for those. I haven't worked on this plugin for a while, but I think I can implement this stuff soon. I18N is already mostly done which would be the biggest part.

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    Btw, it looks like I wont switch to μ soon.

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    Great! Just one more thing I forgot in first comment: you should install Subscribe to Comments here for easier following of replies on comments.

    And btw, you don't have style for unordered list in your theme ;)

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    Yeah, I have been looking into subscribe to comments plugins but didn't like what I found so far. Just installed a different one.

    I'm not aware that I need any styles for <ul>s ;-)

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    Hi Nicolas,

    thanks a lot for this plugin! Really helps a lot! I really saves time compared to having to open the DB admin tool. And great that it also corrects the comments counts for the posts!

    Another idea: Maybe the functionality could also be added to the backend, especially the "Quick Edit" of Comments.

    Best wishes,

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    wrote this comment on

    Hello Tobias, I think this is a good idea but I doubt I will add it. It's probably too much work to duplicate what can already be done. Oh well, maybe somewhen when I have far too much free time on my hands :-)

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    wrote this comment on

    Hi Nicolas,

    yes, that's a good reason :-) The backend manipulation is probably much harder.
    And I just found out about the widget to turn the feature on/off as needed. That's really great!

    I have some minor corrections/optimizations for your code though that I will email you to the address from the license file.

    Best wishes,

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    wrote this comment on

    I installed it but I don`t know how to move the comment to where I want it to go?

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    wrote this comment on

    Hi Susan, did you read <a href="" rel="nofollow">the faq</a>? Please let me know if the instructions need to be changed.

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    wrote this comment on

    Thank you so much for this plugin Nicolas, it is pretty easy to use and the form method works in a whizz. Great tool. I'll make a post in it in the WordPress section of my site. Cheers.

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    wrote this comment on

    Mr. Kuttler, im very interesting about your comments plugin. can i download it? thanks.

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    wrote this comment on

    Hello Ricky, there is a download link on this page, and I have just added a big download icon :-)

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    wrote this comment on

    There is a new release with all your suggestions included. The anchor is indeed very useful, although it was a little tricky to figure out how to make it work :-D

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    wrote this comment on

    Thanks for the plugin! There's one minor issue, though: the widget in lines 182-185 isn't valid XHTML, so it breaks validation for the page.

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    Thanks for the report! I've already fixed it but am not sure when to release as I may switch to buttons for changing the setting. Anyway, it's only visible for admins so no big deal I guess.

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    wrote this comment on

    Thanks for the plugin!

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    wrote this comment on

    Hey thanks Nicolas for the tuto, i'm new in the wordpress world and have to deal with this for some customers so thanks again and have a great week end :)

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    Hm, not sure which tuto you're referring to? Maybe I should move the comment ;-)

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    Oben steht .de also auf deutsch. ;)
    Danke für das tolle Plugin. Gerade bei verschachtelten Kommentaren ist es eine Wohltat diese schnell umsortieren zu können.
    Aber (natürlich ;)) kannst du eine Möglichkeit schaffen, die Formularfelder/-texte selbst anzuordnen? Ich verwende momentan
    "KommentarID 'zu Post' [PostID] 'Kommentar' [KommentarID] ['verschieben']". Nur muss ich dazu halt immer den Code ändern. Man ist ja bequem. ;)

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    wrote this comment on

    Hmmm, das werde ich mir mal anschauen. Anordnen werde ich wohl nicht einbauen, aber über lokalisiertung sollte sich die Reihenfolge ändern lassen. Dann könntest du einfach eine neue 'Übersetzung' schicken die alles so ordnet wie du möchtest.
    Deutsch gibt's übrigens auf aber ich sehe grad dass ich die Seite für dieses plugin gar nicht übersetzt habe.

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    Susan's question is not answered in the faq, at least, it did not help me when I tried to find out what to do. Here are the steps
    1) Log on as administrator (obviously)
    2) Identify and bring up the comments you want to move either on the actual page or under Comments
    3) Change the Post Id (the first field) to the post number of the new post and click Move (or move the post to a new parent by changing the Parent number) in the same manner.
    Now for me the challange was to find out what the new Post Id was. It is easy if there are already posts on that page, but
    if not then you have to find the Id some other way. There are several ways to do this, one of them is bring up the page or post in edit mode and check out the URL. It is the last number.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Nicolas, feel free to add my comment to your FAQ. Thanks for this great and well maintained plug in. The only one that I found that works with WP 2.9.2


    Nicolas, I tried to move both, a comment and a reply to it using the Edit Comments screen. I could move the parent ok, but the reply would not budge. The Post field would not take the new number and kept reverting to the original one. I succeeded using the front end though.

    Thanks you again for this wonderfull tool!

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    wrote this comment on

    Hi Meini, thanks for your comment. I will update the FAQ.

    You're right about moving parent comments to a different post, that won't move the children. I should probably add some test or move the children as well. Never though about this before.

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    Glorious! I've hunting for something to solve the mess some readers make of my comments. One nit though, it seems to add extra indentation to comments (except for 1) when combined with Greg's Threaded Comment Numbering.

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    wrote this comment on

    Thank you Nicolas - this is a real gem to behold. There's so much comment plug-ins out there that only move comments between posts and pages, but only yours allows comment perfectionists like myself to fix comment threading for people who are too lazy to use the Reply button. :) Again, thank you so much! Fantastic stuff!

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    wrote this comment on

    Thanks Dmytro :-) In fact, I wrote this plugin because I wasn't satisfied with the existing plugins. I haven't search since then, but I would have guesses that fixing comment threading should be a standard feature for all 'move comments' plugins by now... When I wrote this plugin comment threading was a new feature.

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    wrote this comment on

    Hallo Nicolas,

    danke für das tolle Plugin!
    Ich wollte grade auf einen Blog 2 Kommentare in den richtigen Artikel verschieben. Also habe ich die ID beim ersten Kommentar vom dazugehörigen Beitrag eingegeben. Hat auch super geklappt. Nun wollte ich das gleiche bei dem 2. Kommentar machen, doch leider nimmt er dort die ID nicht an. er schreibt immer wieder eine andere ID in das Feld, es soll die 623 rein und er macht immer wieder die 616 rein. Mache ich was falsch? Hast du einen Tipp für mich?

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    wrote this comment on

    Ich habe das gleiche grade mal aus dem Frontend gemacht und es ging! Scheint ein kleiner Bug im Backend zu sein ;)

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    In der Tat. Das plugin sollte im backend überhaupt nicht aktiv sein, nur im frontend. Werde ich mir bei Gelegenheit anschauen. Danke für den Bericht!

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    Hiya - great it work in Ver 3 Wordpress? Thanks from New Zealand... :-)

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    wrote this comment on


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    wrote this comment on

    Hiya -Hmmm, I have it installed here - http://www.brands4 but for some reason there is no form showing up under the comment. I have got the widget going as well and even when I clock on "on" nothing you think I am missing something in the theme markup? Many thanks...

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    I think the plugin uses a filter on the comment_text or somesuch. This means that the form wouldn't appear if you don't use the standard WordPress API in your theme. You could change to the default theme (twentyten) for a minute to confirm this.

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    I have installed this plugin and activated the widget and I don't see any difference on my comments section. I still have no way to move comments.

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    That's odd. Which WordPress version do you use? You should also try to switch to the default theme, twentyten, and to turn off all other plugins. I can only guess that a different plugin might interfere.

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    Hi Nicolas. I just installed your plugin and got it to work partially. I'm using WordPress version 3.2.1. I find that I cannot move the post when I try to do it in the comments listing. Clicking Move just resets the comment to its original post. I can move it from the form on the actual post page where the comment originates. Thanks for creating this plugin. Thought you'd want to know about the functionality issues.
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    I have the same issue. Is there a fix?
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    Hi Dan, unfortunately I don't use Wordpress any more on my sites so I haven't tested the code with newer releases.
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    wrote this comment on
    hmmm.. Makes me wish I know more (really any) PHP. I am pretty sure it wouldn't be difficult to update the plugin and get it working again. Oh well. The search for a good and simple way to move wordpress comments continues. BTW you can disregard the email I sent you. I didn't see your comment until after I sent it.
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    wrote this comment on
    Hi Dan, moving comments inside the admin was never supported by the plugin. I should probably have disabled it altogether.
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