mp3gain, normalizing and other things

Recently my band made some recordings with a Zoom H2 Digital Recorder. Awesome machine btw. But it turned out that the recording wasn't loud enough. I probably messed something up when I configured it...

Anyway, the recording was done, so how do I fix it? I had already encoded mp3s with lame and wanted to fix the volume as quick as possible. A little research lead me to mp3gain. Wonderful little app that adjusts multiple mp3s so that they have the same volume. I used it to raise the volume of all mp3s by a certain value. What's great about mp3gain is that it doesn't reencode the mp3 but changes the volume in the mp3 file itself. I didn't even know that was possible.

I just wish I had done this earlier, now I'll need to reencode all that iPhoto and iDVD stuff.



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