Include typo3 content elements on every page

You often want to include some content on every page of your website. There are a lot of different ways to accomplish this with typo3. Here's one quick solution: You create a hidden page or a page outside of your site tree, so that it doesn't show up in your menu. Then you simply add the content you want displayed on all pages to that page. When you hover over the icon next to the title of the content element (the one that lets you copy, cut etc) you see the object's ID.

If you want to include that element on every page, simply add it to your template using something similar to this: = RECORDS {
	tables = tt_content
	source = ID # Enter the object's ID here
That's all. You can also do this with all kind of plugins, many of them offer some kind of < plugin.tx_extension_pi1 mechanism. It's usually documented in the extension manual.


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    Any ideas how this could be done for multilanguage content elements?


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    I'd assume that typo3 picks the correct language automatically, have you tried it?

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    No, it doesn't pick the correct language. It simply shows the content element which has the provided id.

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    Ah, makes sense I guess. You'll have to check for the language and pass the correct ID then.

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    Yep, that's how I did it.
    Thank you.

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    I am inserting this code in my sites general template, but nothing is happen. And second question is how can I determine the column in which I want the content element to appear? Thanks!
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    Maybe, you use TemplaVoila?
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    First of all, Thanks, Nicolas Its working for me and helpful to me to solve my issue. Thanks, Pradeep Chauhan TYPO3 Develoepr


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