Irssi, hilight and regex

I use irssi for IRC and wanted to highlight various regexes in different channels. Unfortunately the help text wasn't very helpful, so here's an example.

/hilight -channels "#foo,#bar,##baz" -regexp (foo|bar|baz)
Published on Feb. 25, 2014. Tagged: Irssi. You can follow the discussion with the comment feed for this post.


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    How do you get notified when you switch windows and don't see irsii? I mean avoiding always remembering to check it. Do you have some popup or audio notification? I'm using in screen
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    I don't want to be notified :-) I have the same setup as you, irssi inside screen, but when I don't see it it's because I don't want to. But I know there is a plugin that can write a log that can be read by notification tools, e.g.

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